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Love Your Bearaby Weighted Blanket? Then You’ve Got To Try Their Newly Released Knotted Pillow

Love Your Bearaby Weighted Blanket? Then You’ve Got To Try Their Newly Released Knotted Pillow

04.19.2022Author: The Suite Staff

These limited release Huggets are reshaping how we relieve our stress.

Stressed out shoppers of the world: we have an announcement to make. We’ve just tried the newly released Bearaby Hugget, and we’ll be honest: you’ve never tried anything like this. 

How are we so sure? First off, because this is literally the first time these pillows have ever been released to the public. Bearaby has been keeping their first ever non-blanket release completely secret while they test (we were lucky to get a sneak peak to test). 

Second, Bearaby’s product and design team literally spent years researching the pillow market before releasing this product. They’ve spent five years just selling weighted blankets, so when they decided to finally release a pillow, you better believe it was with good reason. 

 Seriously, ask yourself have you ever seen anything like these?  

A lineup of Bearaby’s newly released ‘Huggets’ in different sizes.

Being honest, we became instant fans. And if you want to relieve stress, decorate your home AND be more comfortable, we think you will be too. 

Here’s our breakdown of everything we love about Bearaby Huggets.

What Makes Huggets So Special?

1. Their Chunky Knot Shape

The most noticeable thing about Bearaby Huggets is their unique squishy knot shape. Made from interwoven chunky links, Bearaby Huggets allow for both stress relaxation, and light pressure massage. 

The method is simple: stressed people have nervous energy. Nervous energy tends to release itself in our extremities. Think pencil twirling, foot tapping, or curling your hair. By creating soft, traceable ‘squashy loops’, Bearaby Huggets provide an upgrade to the tried-and-true mechanisms of stress balls or even rosary beads.

Bearaby Hugget’s have soft traceable links for maximum stress relief.

Second, the knots are fashioned in such a way as to create multiple nodes that allow for natural, reflex-zone massage. Think foam roller or lacrosse ball, but instead of plastic or styrofoam, a much softer, medium-pressure texture rubber. 

Plus because of their shape, you can roll them on the floor, hug them, or simply press against them on the couch. There’s no wrong way to use them! 

2. Their All-Natural Breathable Latex

If you know Bearaby, you know fabric quality is essential to them. 

That’s why they manufacture and source their all-natural, zero-waste Melofoam™ rubber. This proprietary material by Bearbay comes from latex sourced directly from trees in Sri Lanka, and is custom steamed to create a uniquely pressable foam. 

Rubber sap dries after being steamed and press in Sri Lanka.

And to ensure the products were breathable, Bearaby is using the same 100% organic certified cotton that made their blankets a cult favorite. Not only is this organic cotton super breathable (especially useful when casing latex), but its lack of chemicals and microplastics makes it great for people with allergies or sensitive skin. A win-win. 

3. Great For Home Decor

Are we the only ones that feel like every throw pillow either feels like it came from your grandma’s house or a generic IKEA display? 

With Bearaby’s Huggets, you can decorate your couch or bed in style—bringing modern design energy to your shared space. Seriously just take a look at these colors complementing the already awesome design. 

Plus the novelty factor is sure to get all the house guests asking “Where did you get those pillows?”

4.Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Materials 

Released on Earth Day, Bearaby wants to make clear to their customers that you never need to compromise between comfort, and being nice to the planet. Every single material inside each Bearaby Huggets is 100% biodegradable, and made using a zero-waste manufacturing process. 

Plus not only are the materials good for the planet, but the process is safe for the workers—who are paid fairly and treated respectfully. 

5. Custom Sizes (and Great Prices)

Always aware that one size never fits all, Bearaby designed their knitted Huggets in three sizes:

  • Small (fits in the palm of your hand) $29
  • Medium (small pillow size) $79 
  • Large (hug on this ball of comfort) $129

With different size pillows for every person and place, you’ll be sure to find a Bearaby Hugget that works just for you. 

Bearaby Huggets range from palm-sized to huggable lap size.

Honestly, at this point we’re looking for reasons knot to buy this pillow (sorry, we had to). Given how game changing Bearaby’s weighted blankets have been, we’re positive their first pillows will be equally a blockbuster. 

But Hurry, Supplies Are Limited

The one bad thing about these products is due to their thorough sourcing and manufacturing process, supplies come through slower than mass produced items. Bearaby routinely sold out of their blankets in the first three years, and with production just starting on these, it’s likely to be the same. 

Don’t miss out on being the first to get your hands on these limited release pillows! Head to Bearaby today and order your Hugget knitted pillow before they sell out!