Caraway luxury non-stick cookware rarely ever goes on sale. So when it does, we sound the alarm bell for our holiday gift shoppers.

Knock Out Your Whole Holiday Gift List (or Just Treat Yourself) <i>During Caraway’s Biggest Sale of the Year</i>

Knock Out Your Whole Holiday Gift List (or Just Treat Yourself) During Caraway’s Biggest Sale of the Year

11.03.2022Author: The Suite Staff


Your One-Stop-Shop for Holiday Gifting

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Caraway’s products. Their lineup of colorful, non-stick Cookware, Bakeware—and now their brand new Food Storage—have dazzled our kitchens for the last two years…and we’re not alone. Since launching, Caraway has sold out an insane 15 times, as the company’s cult following rushes to scoop up the amazing kitchen essentials Caraway puts out. 

Which is why when Caraway announced they were doing their biggest sale of the year (just in time for the holidays), we knew we had to get the word out ASAP. Deals like this simply do not last. 

With savings of up to 20% on all their most coveted items, this is by far Caraway’s biggest sale—making it a perfect opportunity to save tons while stocking up on one of the best gifts of the season. Gift it to a parent, spouse, or even yourself! You literally can’t go wrong when giving the gift of an upgraded cooking experience—especially when the more you spend, the more you save.

But if you still need more reasons why to act now on one of the best shopping events of the year, read on to discover the joy of cooking with Caraway’s non-toxic ceramic kitchenware. 

What Makes Caraway So Special?

There’s a reason we refer to it as the Caraway experience—rather than just solely the items themselves. That’s because Caraway’s attention to detail is bar-none, with everything from their dopamine-inducing unboxing to modern, thoughtful storage solutions elevating the home cooking experience.

Rather than list just one reason we love Caraway, we boiled it down to our top 5: 

  1. Always-Safe Non-Stick. Caraway has made a name for itself providing top of the line non-stick with none of the harmful chemicals of legacy brands. That means no PFTEs, PFOAs or any other combination of letters that have been toxifying our foods for the last 50 years. Just durable, high quality ceramics that never stick or leach—even when cooking at high temperatures.
  2. Gorgeous Colors, Sleek Design. Caraway spent years developing their signature gorgeous colors like Marigold Yellow, Perracotta Pink, and Sage Green to give you cookware that feels like luxury. Add in sleek contours, and your kitchen begins to take on an entirely new elegant form.
  3. Modern, Convenient Storage. The magic of Caraway extends beyond the cooking itself, all the way to the experience of storing your pots and pans. With included hanging lid racks and magnetic cupboard dividers, Caraway makes sure using their products feels like a breeze every time. No more fumbling around cluttered cabinets.
  4. Effortless Cleaning. One of the added benefits of non-stick cooking? Non-stick cleaning. Once you experience the ease of wiping an entire pan in seconds with no residue, it’s hard to imagine how you were ever spending so much of your life scrubbing away burnt eggs out of pans.
  5. Built to Last.  Able to withstand temperatures of up to 550° and countless uses, Caraway’s kitchenware is as durable as it is pretty. Just how a kitchen is meant to be.

The Knockout Kitchen Lineup

The most exciting thing about this year’s Caraway sale is how many amazing new products they’ve added to their collection. From mini pans to tea kettles and food storage containers, Caraway has pulled out all the stops on solving your kitchen needs—one piece of non-stick at a time.

Here’s all the must-have items you can pick up on sale:

The ‘Essentials’ Cookware Set

The holy grail for home chefs. With a 4.5-quart Sauté Pan, 10.5-inch Fry Pan, 3-quart Sauce pan and 6.5 quart Dutch Oven, Caraway’s signature non-stick set has everything you need to get started on a superior culinary experience. Add in three lids, and matching hanging lid storage and you’re good to go on all things stovetop related.

The ‘Bake Anything’ 11-Piece Set

Two baking sheets, a rectangle, square and loaf pan, 12 cup muffin tray, a wire rack and two circle pans—all with the same high quality non-stick you’ve come to love. If there’s a better baking set than Caraway’s we’ve yet to come across it. The Bakeware Set also comes in a pared-down 5-piece set.

As an added bonus, both come with Caraway’s signature storage dividers. The legendary unboxing experience makes this one a beauty of a gift (especially during holiday baking season).

The Minis Duo

Perfect for the solo studio apartment chef, or anyone looking to add some extra utility to their existing kitchen set, this duo packages Caraway’s two most requested standalone items—the 8 inch Mini Fry Pan and 1.75 quart Sauce Pan—as one super lovable Minis Duo Set.

Not Your Grandma’s Tea Kettle

Not content to compromise the quality of anything in your kitchen, Caraway turned its attention to the unsung hero of your kitchen: the kettle. Realizing most people leave their kettle on the stove, Caraway transformed their tea kettle into a kitchen showpiece—that looks as good as it sounds. With gorgeous colorways and a modern design, this is a sure one to get tons of compliments.

The *New* Food Storage Set

An instant favorite, these ceramic and glass food storage containers (and the convenient storage system they come with) put your old plastic tupperware to shame. Beyond looking elegant, these containers are highly versatile. Pop them in the freezer, microwave, oven or dishwasher—or take them on the go.

Plus in a further testament to Caraway’s thoughtfulness, these storage containers come with mini dividing ‘dots’ and ‘dashes’ to keep your wets wet, and your dries dry—bento box style.

Save 20% Now, Enjoy Them Forever

The best thing about buying Caraway is knowing you’re making an investment for years to come. Our team has moved across multiple state lines with their Caraway pieces in tow, keeping the feel of their kitchens consistent no matter where they find themselves.

With quality materials and durable construction, Caraway’s products are gifts meant to last—whether they’re for yourself or a loved one.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save on a gift that gives for years to come! Stock up on Caraway gifts and save up to 20% while they’re still available.