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Meet the Next-Gen Smart Bed F1 Drivers and Neuroscientists Use <i> to Level Up Their Sleep </i>

Meet the Next-Gen Smart Bed F1 Drivers and Neuroscientists Use to Level Up Their Sleep

10.05.2022Author: The Suite Staff

Medical-grade biometric sensors. Personalized digital sleep coaching. Wifi-enabled, user-responsive, dynamic cooling.  

For those unfamiliar with Eight Sleep, the list of award-winning technology packed into their new Pod 3 smart mattress and mattress topper can sound more like a computer than a place to rest your head. And in all honesty, it’s a bit of both. 

See, not satisfied with the market of standard mattresses with zero user personalization or adaptability, the founders of Eight Sleep created a smart bed that uses cutting-edge sleep technology to track everything from REM cycles to body temperature. The bed processes that data to actively adjust to the sleeper’s optimal settings—delivering an average of 32% improved sleep quality.

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Not only did their first ever Pod product sell out in just 15 days, but Eight Sleep has gone on to win awards from Men’s Fitness, GQ, Fast Company and Time. They’ve amassed an impressive list of users who depend on high-quality sleep—including Olympic snowboarders, neuroscientists—and even Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 racing team, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas. 

Groundbreaking Tech: 2 Ways

Since launching their Pod Mattress back in 2014, Eight Sleep has been a frontrunner in the sleep tech space. That didn’t stop them from launching another category-shattering product: the Pod Cover.

Both products utilize Eight Sleep’s temperature-regulating and sleep-tracking technology. The medium-firm Pod Mattress also features layers of pressure-relieving spinal support, while the Pod Cover fits seamlessly onto any mattress.

With their latest Pod 3 release, the Eight Sleep team has pushed the frontier of sleep tech even further—delivering sleep that’s better and more consistent than ever before. So if you’re one of 70 million Americans seeking better rest, here’s a glimpse into the tech that’s made Eight Sleep such a winner in sleep technology:

1. Sleep at the Perfect Temp (No Matter the Weather) 

One of the biggest problems chronic bad sleepers face is sleeping at the wrong temperature. This is because most mattress fabrics have no “intelligence”— simply absorbing and radiating heat so you get hotter and hotter throughout the night. 

Eight Sleep tackled this problem by creating a dynamically cooling Active Grid. This technology measures your temperature through embedded sensors in the grid, and a wifi-enabled hub circulates water through the grid to adjust to the optimal temperature—building off historical sleep data to anticipate temperature shifts throughout the night.

With cooling technology that can adjust from 55° to 110°, Eight Sleep’s Pods work for any type of sleeper in any climate.

2. 5+ Layers of Comfort

Using over 100 million hours of sleep data, Eight Sleep determined the three key pillars to good sleep: temperature, support, and contour. With this in mind, they designed the Pod 3 Mattress with five specialized layers: two layers of active water and air cooling technology for temperature regulation, two layers of CertiPur-certified adaptive foam to provide spinal support while absorbing shocks from movement, and a breathable, durable cover.

The Pod 3 Max—Eight Sleep’s newest iteration of their bestselling mattress—also includes a “Max Chill” layer infused with silver, copper, and graphite for maximum heat dissipation.

Plus, unlike memory foam mattresses that get stuck in lumpy body molds, Eight Sleep Pods maintain their responsiveness due to FlexSpring technology—meaning you get perfect spinal alignment no matter if you sleep on your side, stomach, or back.  

3. Wirelessly Track (and Improve) Your Sleep 

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting bad sleep and not understanding why. That’s why Eight Sleep’s app seamlessly tracks and shares your biometric sleep data with you. The morning report includes a personalized sleep fitness score along with important metrics like your sleep consistency, tosses and turns, heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep phases—including REM and deep sleep.

Some users have even reported the Eight Sleep data knew they were sick before they felt it.

If you’re feeling off in your sleep, you can easily check your sleep performance and score, and Eight Sleep even provides personalized data-backed recommendations, like adjusting bedtime or temperature (some people have been calling it their digital “sleep coach”).

And for those who enjoy using other apps and wearables, the Eight Sleep App syncs seamlessly with Apple Health, Google Health, Fitbit, Polar and Zwift.

4. Share the Bed, Split the Mattress

If you’ve ever shared the bed with a partner you can attest: personal compatibility does not equal sleep compatibility. With vastly different body types, sharing the same mattress and comforters means one partner is either stuck freezing and bundled up—or waking up in the middle of the night to throw their covers off. 

Eight Sleep’s Pod tech features dual-temperature zones, meaning each side of the mattress dynamically regulates the temperature through the night without interfering with the other person’s side.

5. Look Forward to Waking Up 

While sleep science has come a long way since the invention of the mattress, waking up has seriously lagged behind. Eight Sleep is rewriting the script with their GentleRise alarm—which wakes you up by gently heating up and vibrating at chest level, so you start your day with natural and relaxing stimulation (rather than a sweat-inducing siren blaring from your phone). 

Users can customize the level of vibration they want with their Eight Sleep App, and even adjust the temperature settings if they prefer to wake up hotter or cooler. Plus, a noise-free wake-up system means you never have to apologize for prematurely waking up your partner before it’s their time to rise. 

The Proof Is in the Z’s 

If there’s anything more impressive than Eight Sleep’s Pod tech, it’s their reviews. In addition to dozens of endorsements from pro athletes and doctors, praise from trusted third-party organizations like the Sleep Foundation, and awards for their technology—Eight Sleep consistently receives love from its customers.

And if that’s not proof enough, consider this: this is Eight Sleep’s third installment of the Pod product line. If you’re selling a premium mattress and demand keeps growing through your first two product launches, it kind of speaks for itself. 

Don’t Sleep on Better Sleep

If there’s one last thing we want to emphasize, it’s the importance of sleep itself. Decades of scientific data have established that the single investment guaranteed to improve every aspect of your life is high-quality rest. From better physical recovery and mental performance to elevated mood and improved immunity, better sleep is non-negotiable if you want to feel like your best self.

Eight Sleep makes it effortless with the Pod 3 Cover—which works with any mattress. Or, if you’re ready for a mattress upgrade, look no further than the Pod 3 Max (aka “the Lamborghini of mattresses”). Pricing starts at $1,745, and Eight Sleep offers the ability to pay in installments, so you can start sleeping blissfully for as low as $73 a month.

Don’t just take our (or the entire F1 Racing Team’s) word for it though. Head to Eight Sleep’s website to feel the power of the Pod for yourself.