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TikTok’s Buzzing About This Personalized Hair Care Line, So I Had to See If the Hype Is Real

TikTok’s Buzzing About This Personalized Hair Care Line, So I Had to See If the Hype Is Real

12.15.2021Author: The Suite Staff


Spotted on TikTok:

A few months ago, I started to see custom hair care brand Prose ALL over the internet. Everyone from Vogue and GQ to mommy bloggers and even my friends were talking about their products… It felt like an inside joke that everyone was in on except me, so more than anything I was just curious: what’s the hype about?

Prose’s claim to fame is that they make ultra-customized hair care products with sustainably-sourced, clean ingredients that work for any and every hair type. Sounds a little too good, no? As someone who’s inherently skeptical of online-only brands, I did some digging.

I was surprised to learn that Prose doesn’t offer any generic products at all. In order to make their personalized recommendations, Prose asks customers to complete a thorough salon-like consultation. This factors in everything from hair type and personal hair concerns to location, lifestyle, and fragrance preferences. 

There are a lot of “custom” brands that send one of a few pre-made formulas to every customer, but Prose is actually 100% customized. After learning they have more than 225,000 5-star reviews from people of all ethnicities and genders, I gave the rapid-fire consultation a go.

Based on my answers, Prose recommended a full suite of customized products designed to address my hair care needs AND wants. I opted for vegan formulas, but they also offer the option to formulate fragrance and silicone-free products.

I’ve colored my hair for almost a decade, so according to Prose, I needed a hefty dose of hair-TLC. On top of the custom shampoo and conditioner, they recommended I use the pre-shampoo hair mask and custom daily supplements. I could have added or subtracted any products, but since it was my first order, I went with their suggestions.

Every product Prose makes is cruelty-free (which is non-negotiable for me), free of dyes, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol, and GMOs. Once I placed my order, they formulated and bottled it fresh in Brooklyn, New York — and even printed my name right on the bottles.

So What’s the Verdict?

Well, my third shipment is on the way, so I’d say I’m a Prose convert. From the first wash, I could not get over how delicious their signature scent is — it reminds me of a vintage Chanel perfume my mom uses.

Since my hair is thin, I shampoo and condition it daily in the mornings and I’ve been taking the supplements every day before work too. A week in, my hair looked and felt more hydrated than it had in months… and it just got better from there. 

As the first month went on, I could definitely start to see the strengthening effects of the supplements. Fast forward to two months later, and these locks are looking luscious, glossy, and bouncier than I thought possible. I’ve even had multiple strangers ask me about my hair care routine!

After the first month, I signed up for The Salon membership — Prose’s subscription service which includes free shipping, 15% off all orders, and a “review and refine” service that tailors every delivery to my hair’s ever-changing needs as the seasons change. 

Prose makes it easy to change my subscription on my own, but I appreciate how their friendly and knowledgeable hair care experts check in periodically to see if I want to edit my next order. I usually forget to do the hair mask, so this month I paused it until I can finish the bottle I already have.

My hair looked fine before, but after seeing how Prose’s customized products have transformed it from color-damaged and dry to healthy and strong, I’m a customer for life. Everything from their clean ingredients and intoxicating fragrances to their fantastic customer service are just the cherry on top!

If you’re on the edge about trying Prose, start here. You’ll quickly see for yourself that the proof is in the products.