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<i> Look No Further for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift</i> FOR EVERY MAN IN YOUR LIFE

Look No Further for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift FOR EVERY MAN IN YOUR LIFE

01.18.2022Author: The Suite Staff


Let’s face it, it’s difficult to find a thoughtful, useful gift for most men. That’s why they get socks and underwear for Christmas 90% of the time. Unfortunately, the bar is a bit higher on Valentine’s Day, and a 6-pack of boxers doesn’t exactly say “I love you for who you are.”

That’s where Original Grain comes in; they’ve mastered the art of the meaningful, timeless gift. Each meticulously-crafted watch is made from unique reclaimed materials, so there’s a special piece for everyone — from the whiskey-lover to the mountain man.

Read on for a breakdown of our favorite timepieces that are sure to impress:

For the Music Lover

The Taylor Guitar Urban Ash Gunmetal Barrel

In this show-stopper of a watch, Original Grain seamlessly melds reclaimed wood from Taylor Guitars with gunmetal stainless steel. This classic, but truly one-of-a-kind style can be dressed up or down to match any outfit, and it’s perfect for anyone trying to track their tempo.

For the Master Mixologist

The Barrel Collection

Original Grain’s bestselling collection is expertly-crafted from reclaimed alcohol barrels. Just like the old-fashioned never goes out of style, the Whiskey Espresso Barrel is the quintessential everyday watch that they’ll never want to take off. We know more than a few people who will be counting down the minutes until happy hour on this one.

For the Mountain Man

The Mountain Range Collection

Original Grain’s brand new collection is hand-crafted with sustainably-sourced wood from iconic mountain ranges all over the world, from the Appalachian Mountains and the Rockies to the Himalayas. Featuring mountain-inspired details on each watch, the Mountain Range collection was designed for anyone who spends all of their free time in the great outdoors.

For the Sustainability Guru

The Diver Collection

Original Grain is best-known for their wooden watches, but sustainability is also at the core of their business. Perfect for the serial-recycler, these water-resistant watches are made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic. To date, Original Grain has helped contribute to the removal of more than 250,000 plastic bottles from the ocean, in partnership with #tide.

For the Grillmaster

The Mesquite Grillmaster

Mesquite is the type of wood most commonly used for smoking meats to perfection, so it’s no surprise that this unique watch marries together mesquite wood and steel. It even features steel “grill marks” on the dial! The perfect gift for the backyard BBQ pro, it almost guarantees that the steaks will always make it off the grill at the right time, every time.

For the History Buff

The Pilot Zulu Collection

The Pilot Zulu Collection is made from reclaimed metal sourced from airplane doors, like the Bamboo Bomber made from a WWII-era airplane of the same name. This sleek timepiece is the perfect gift for a history buff, veteran, or pilot, but any well-traveled man will appreciate the understated, sporty design.

Show Your Affection With a Timeless Gift

While each hand-crafted timepiece is full of history and meaning on its own, Original Grain even offers custom engraving, so you can add a special note for your lover. These watches are designed to chronicle life’s accomplishments, so to us, there’s truly no more meaningful gift. As Original Grain likes to say, “it’s not just a timepiece, it’s a piece of time.”

If you have a hard-to-buy-for man in your life, look no farther for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.