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I Was Spending $200 a Month on Facials Before Solawave Transformed My Skin

I Was Spending $200 a Month on Facials Before Solawave Transformed My Skin

06.29.2022Author: The Suite Staff

My Esthetician Just Upgraded to My Best Friend 

I still remember the first time I noticed my skin was aging. I was walking toward a store mirror and stepped aside for the stranger coming towards me. Only it was me. What I thought was an adult woman, one with teenage kids and a mortgage, was actually me.

I was barely 30, but my forehead and eyes had deep lines I didn’t recognize. That’s when I started my skincare journey. Fast forward more than a decade, and I’ve tried any and everything that might turn back the clock. The one thing that I’ve seen consistent results with is red light therapy…but it’s not cheap.

Thankfully, my esthetician recently introduced me to Solawave’s red light therapy wand, and it’s made the single biggest difference of any skincare product I’ve tried (and as a bonus, it’s much easier on my wallet and busy mom schedule).

Spa Results Without the Spa Prices

Red light therapy works by penetrating deep into the skin and stimulating collagen production, which helps the skin regain that bouncy, youthful glow we’re all looking for. But like Botox, you have to consistently use it in order to maintain the results.

When I originally turned to red light to fight aging, I was paying $100 twice a month for 20 minute treatments. So when my esthetician insisted I try the portable Solawave “magic wand,” I jumped on it. The red light wand is only $149 on its own, while the bestselling starter kit, which comes with Solawave’s hyaluronic acid-packed hydrating and activating serum, is $169.

I’d seen Solawave pop up on my news feed before, but I had brushed it off as another internet fad. But turns out, so many of her clients asked about Solawave after seeing it on TikTok that she decided to test it for herself. I could tell that she was still shocked that a product so small and accessible could make such an impact, but hey—if it works, it works.

The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

She explained that Solawave works so well because it uses four distinct technologies that amplify each others’ effects. The low wavelength red light and microcurrent repair skin damage and combat signs of aging from deep within—while the warmth and gentle facial massage to improve the immediate appearance of puffiness and give you that enviable glow.

It’s like having four tools in one pencil-sized device:

  1. Red Light: By targeting skin degradation at the cellular level, red light therapy is the platinum standard for reducing the appearance of skin damage and slowing down signs of aging.
  2. Microcurrent: Like a gym for your face, microcurrent facials have been dubbed ‘facelift facials’ because they lift, tighten, and firm the muscles in your face using electrical current.
  3. Facial Massage: Beginning with gua sha, facial massage has been practiced for hundreds of years for its ability to eliminate fluid buildup in the face and reduce puffiness.
  4. Therapeutic Warmth: The gentle heat promotes circulation, which helps reduce redness and primes the skin to absorb products and serums better.

My 30 Day Experience

I decided to try out the Solawave wand and renew complex serum to see if it made any tangible difference in the appearance of my skin. I’ve had some stubborn hyperpigmentation around my nose and the aforementioned problem wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead that I was really looking to target.

A month in, I’ve gotta say I wish Solawave had been around 10 years ago. First, I love how small and simple it is to use. It’s the perfect size to put in my makeup bag, which is ideal because I hate breaking my skincare routine when I travel. Next, the wand turns on automatically when it comes in contact with clean, hydrated skin so there’s no fumbling with buttons or dials—plus, it’s USB-rechargeable.

The most unexpected bonus was how much I enjoyed actually using the wand. Solawave recommends using it for 5 minutes a day, so it was easy to add into my morning routine. But I’ve found that it feels so soothing, sometimes I’ll get carried away and use it for 10 or 15 minutes.

As for the Results…

This is the part that I’m both happy and sad about. Happy because the Solawave red light wand is no joke, but sad thinking about how much money I’ve flushed down the toilet on less effective treatments.

The first thing I noticed was that even one use immediately tightened up the skin on my face and reduced the puffiness under my eyes. This is a more short-term effect of the warmth and vibration, but it was thrilling to see my skin transform in front of my eyes.

The longer-term effects were so gradual, I didn’t realize how much of a difference the Solawave had made in my skin until I looked at a before and after photo. After 30 days of consistent use, my skin looked smoother, brighter, and the hyperpigmentation was less noticeable. As for the problem wrinkles…it would be completely unrealistic to expect them to disappear in a month, but the difference in their severity was significant.

It’s a Tool, Not a Trend

At the end of the day, I don’t care what serum Kim Kardashian swears by or what cream the 17-year-old TikTokers with perfect skin are touting this month. I just want products that realistically work, and preferably that don’t break the bank. And that’s why I love Solawave—it isn’t a trend. It’s a powerful, affordable tool that’s trusted by experts.

While I still go see my esthetician for the occasional tune up, I’m so grateful she shared this holy grail at-home product with me. It helps me extend the life of my facials by strengthening my skin daily and keeps me looking healthy and glowy between treatments.

If you’re sick of wasting money on skincare products and excessive treatments, I highly recommend giving Solawave’s 4-in-1 red light wand a try. They even have a 30 day return policy, so if you’re a skeptic like me, there’s no commitment!