Editor’s Picks: We’re Filling Our Closets With Pieces From These Sustainable Brands

Editor’s Picks: We’re Filling Our Closets With Pieces From These Sustainable Brands

09.09.2021Author: The Suite Staff

You’ve definitely heard of fast fashion, but how about slow fashion? 

It’s effectively the opposite of fast fashion — instead of prioritizing the hottest trends that will be out of style in a season, slow fashion is all about ethically produced, high-quality, sustainable clothing that’s designed to last a long time. 

Slow fashion brands prioritize brand transparency and reflect the power that consumers have in making long-term change in an industry that has been called out for its treatment of workers, animals, and the planet. 

These six sustainable clothing brands are a few of our favorite ethical alternatives to fast fashion.

Amourt Vert

Amour Vert directly translates to “green love” in French, so it comes as no surprise that this brand is known for being environmentally responsible. From the materials they use (like certified organic cotton, hemp, and eco-friendly packaging) to their production processes (almost all of their products are made in limited-run, small-batch quantities), Amour Very is dedicated to making the world a greener place. And, they plant a tree for every tee shirt purchased!

Image Credit: Amour Vert

Eileen Fischer

Eileen Fischer is a leader in the ethical fashion space. In addition to closely monitoring its entire supply chain to make sure its partners’ workers are all compensated fairly, they also source organic and recycled materials that don’t contain toxic chemicals. This company is a Certified B Corp and has also launched Fair Trade Certified collections.

Image Credit: Neiman Marcus


As part of the Fair Labor Association, Outerknown only works with partners who use sustainable production methods and offer fair wages to their employees — which they are transparent about on their website. This inclusive brand makes durable pieces designed to last and operates using sustainable fabrics and practices.

Image Credit: Outerknown

MATE the Label

MATE uses only natural and non-toxic materials like organic cotton and linen, and dying them with low-impact, chemical-free dyes. MATE also works to make its carbon footprint as small as possible by keeping all aspects of production local — within just a few miles of its headquarters in Los Angeles — and shipping orders out in eco-friendly packaging.

Image Credit: MATE the Label


This Parisian brand does it all. In addition to practicing fair labor standards, they use natural and sustainable materials, recycled packaging, and factories powered with renewable energy. On top of that, they have a philanthropic initiative called DEMAIN which helps children gain access to education, culture, and equal opportunities as children all over the world.

Image Credit: Sézane

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