Editor’s Picks: 5 Essential Skincare Products for Dewy Summer Skin

Editor’s Picks: 5 Essential Skincare Products for Dewy Summer Skin

09.15.2021Author: The Suite Staff

Summer is in full swing and you know what that means: your skin is exposed to the sun more often, leaving it feeling dry and patchy. It’s not just different weather that can affect it, but your skincare routine too! To combat dry skin, we’re reaching for lighter products that provide intense hydration. These are our current summer essentials to achieve that Instagram-perfect glow. 

The Cleanser: Glycolic Foaming Cleanser from Mario Badescu

Image Credit: Mario Badescu

This brightening solution is the first step to that oh-so-summery glow: it’s designed to smooth out those fine lines or wrinkles, address inflammation in the skin from acne marks or age spots, tackle hyperpigmentation, hydrate dry skin, and keep blemishes at bay. Formulated with Glycolic Acid to deep clean and break down makeup, oil, and impurities, this foaming exfoliant helps refine pores while retexturizing uneven skin. 

The Toner: Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner from Kiehls 

Image Credit: Kiehls

When it comes to toners, we’ve all been burned before — literally. A toner that’s too harsh can leave your skin feeling raw. This gentle alcohol-free facial cleanser won’t dry out your skin, and the fragrance-free formula is designed to refresh and tone, leaving you with healthier-looking, glowy skin.

The Moisturizer: Crème de la Mer Moisturizer by La Mer

Image Credit: La Mer

La mer means “the sea” in French, and this luxurious cream is aptly named. It provides hydration so intense that it feels as if you’re underwater! This moisturizer has a rich formula that leaves your skin feeling soft to touch as well as supple and smooth, so wrinkles are visibly softened too. 

The Protector: Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 by Supergoop

Image Credit: Supergoop

Supergoop sunscreen is a multitasker that’s both weightless and scentless — allowing your radiant skin to shine while protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays. This innovative formula provides broad spectrum SPF 40 protection with an invisible finish, making it perfect as either a makeup-gripping primer or on its own for those who want to go without foundation but still have sun protective coverage.

The Hydrator: Futuredew by Glossier

Image Credit: Glossier

A completely unique product on its own, Glossier’s Futuredew is a shortcut to the stunning dewy glow that you’d walk out of a facial with. Made with nourishing oils and powerful plant extracts, this serum brightens your skin and provides a long-lasting, well-moisturized look that doesn’t feel greasy. 

Say goodbye to dry and dull skin with these five summertime must-haves. This is the time for you to get your glow on! These products will help give you that natural, dewy look we all crave, while providing delicious hydration to support healthier, more radiant skin all year long.

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