This CBD Oil Was Formulated Specifically to Enhance Sexual Pleasure

This CBD Oil Was Formulated Specifically to Enhance Sexual Pleasure

08.29.2021Author: The Suite Staff

As more and more states begin to legalize marijuana, regulations around CBD and other hemp products are loosening up. That’s why Foria, the company that first burst onto the scene with suppositories that help with menstrual cramps, decided to create cannabis-derived products designed to enhance female sexual pleasure.

Foria’s products will make you feel like you’re flying high, but they won’t get you stoned. The coconut oil-based tincture, called Arousal Oil, is blended with pure cannabis oil that contains no THC — and promises intense O’s. 

Image Credit: Foria

Coconut oil is a natural lubricant, and the addition of CBD promotes increased blood flow to your naughty bits, which is crucial to the feeling of pleasure. On top of that, the pharmaceutical-grade CBD helps ease tension and relax muscles, managing pain gently and naturally. The oil is finished off with a blend of organic botanicals, including cinnamon, kava, cardamom, and peppermint.

The results: enhanced warmth, relaxation, a tingling sensation, and earth-shattering climaxes. 

Arousal Oil has grown to be a fan-favorite for women who have trouble reaching climax with a partner. From discomfort to sensitivity, there are a seemingly endless number of obstacles to achieving orgasm. 

Image Credit: Foria

Plus, it’s no secret that a substantial number of women don’t orgasm regularly with standard intercourse — Dr. Logan Levkoff of SHAPE even suggests that number is close to 70%. Foria’s products might just be single-handedly decreasing that percentage. 

Foria offers a number of other products, including an ultra-strength Sex Oil that contains 400mg of CBD, but there’s a reason that Arousal Oil is their bestseller. And at $48, each bottle should last about 30 uses!

We’ll spare you the juicy details of our product testing, but we will say that we definitely plan to keep a bottle of Arousal Oil on hand at all times.

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