This Humidifier is the Key to Getting the Best Skin of Your Life

This Humidifier is the Key to Getting the Best Skin of Your Life

10.09.2021Author: The Suite Staff

Summertime means that the AC is blasting all day, which wreaks absolute havoc on my skin. I’m sweating all day long, but as soon as I walk inside I’m smacked in the face with cold, dry air. I’ve discovered that a reliable humidifier is one of the few things that helps regulate the atmosphere in my bedroom (and subsequently keeps my skin from reptile-level dryness).

The issue is, humidifiers are not cute. When I discovered the sleek, understated brand called Canopy, I was eager to try it out.

Canopy touts itself as the cleanest humidifier in the world — designed to help you breathe better, improve your sleep, and clear your skin. The humidifier is super easy to use, and although it’s quite small and discreet, its water chamber can hold enough water to last all night.

The humidifier was thoughtfully designed to be dishwasher-safe, making cleanup simple and quick, although it also runs until the water is all gone, preventing mold from growing. The only upkeep that it requires is a new filter every 45 days, which is effortless with their subscription program.

One of the best benefits of the Canopy humidifier is that it filters dust and particles from the water before it releases moisture, which I think is the key reason why I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my skin compared to traditional humidifiers I’ve used before. On top of that, it’s definitely the most elegant-looking humidifier I’ve ever encountered — so much so that I don’t even mind having it on my windowsill (and visible in my Zoom calls).

Not only is the visual design sleek, but there is no mist, so you don’t see or feel the moist air coming from it. And, the gentle hum it emits is like a soft white noise machine that helps me fall asleep. I typically set my humidifier to auto mode, which means it turns on toward the end of the day so I can sleep in humidified peace.

After a month of consistent use, I’ve noticed that the dry, flaky skin that typically plagues me in the summer is virtually non-existent and I’ve actually been sleeping more soundly. As an added bonus, my plants have never looked healthier! My only complaint is that it’s too big to travel with, because it would be a serious lifesaver on a plane.

If you’re seeking clear skin, better-quality sleep and impeccable air quality, I would highly recommend getting a Canopy humidifier.

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