These Nine Delicious Nail Designs Are the Perfect Summer Accessory

These Nine Delicious Nail Designs Are the Perfect Summer Accessory

09.05.2021Author: The Suite Staff

PSA: subtlety is completely overrated. Sure, nude nails had their moment — but this season is all about adventurous color, eye-catching designs, and individuality. From checkerboard manicures to neon french tips and actual pieces of art, we’re leaning into energizing styles that instantly elevate every outfit. Bookmark these nine styles to bring to your next nail appointment, or give them a go yourself!

Burning Up

Image Credit: @yeswhatnails

French tips are nice, and multicolored French tips are cool, but flaming rainbow French tips are complete show-stoppers.

A Hint of Neon

Image Credit: @yeswhatnails

If the details were in black, this design has the potential to be quite subtle. The key here is the neon accent colors that make the look come alive.

Rainbow Abstraction

Image Credit: @yeswhatnails

It might seem like this look is too out-there to match any outfit, but the sharp, clean lines give this design a polished look.

Summer Skies

Image Credit: @color_camp

This dreamy look brings childhood nostalgia with a hefty dose of summertime sunshine.

Artist’s Sketches

Image Credit: @yeswhatnails

Simultaneously subtle and intricate, this Matisse-inspired look is a show-stopper.

Pattern Party

Image Credit: @yeswhatnails

Quick disclaimer: it’ll be impossible to get any work done with these nails, since you won’t be able to stop looking at them all day!

Subtle Waves

Image Credit: @paintboxnails

There are endless different ways to wear waves, but this play on nude and neon will add a groovy touch to any outfit.

Pastel Daydream

Image Credit: @color_camp

Pastel colors can still pack a punch. This dreamy cotton candy-inspired look is bold, bright, and subtle at the same time.

French With a Twist

Image Credit: @thehangedit

This elongated French manicure would look unique with just one color, but the duo-tone style adds a level of complexity.

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