It’s Not Hard to Achieve the Perfect Red Lip. Here’s How.

It’s Not Hard to Achieve the Perfect Red Lip. Here’s How.

09.21.2021Author: The Suite Staff

On any age, skin tone, or face shape, red lipstick is a universally flattering makeup look. A simple black dress can go from business meeting chic to date night-ready with a quick swipe of rouge. The red lip is an empowering look — making you feel instantly sexier and more confident even if you don’t have any other makeup on. Of course, a sexy red lip can easily turn into a smudgy, feathered mess if you’re not careful. Here are a few tips on how to create a red lip that looks like a professional makeup-artist did it, AND how to make sure it lasts all night.

Step One: Exfoliate

It’s nearly impossible to create a smooth, perfect red lip if your lips are chapped. You generally should try to exfoliate with a lip scrub about once a week to keep your lips looking fresh, but definitely before you break out the lipstick.

Step Two: Line Your Lips

Lip liner is the secret to creating those smooth, clean lines. Prep your lips by applying a tiny bit of concealer with a fluffy brush to fill in the lines, and then create a smooth outline using a liner pencil that’s as close as possible to the lipstick shade you’ll be using. Follow your natural lip line, or exaggerate the shape a bit by creating a silhouette slightly larger than your natural lip shape. Use smaller strokes to create the shape instead of drawing it all on in one lines — this will give you more control.

Step Three: Partially Fill in Your Lips

Before jumping into the lipstick, thicken the lip line toward the center of your mouth, smudging it in with a small brush to make the line look smoother. This will also help the lipstick last longer!

Step Four: Apply Your Lipstick

Choose a long-lasting lipstick that’s designed to be smudge-proof. Opt for a rolling motion instead of dabbing it on — this will ensure smooth and even coverage.

Step Five: Clean It Up With Concealer

If you’ve colored outside the lines, you can go in with a small precision brush and full-coverage concealer to clean up the edges and create a sharper line. Then, blend out the concealer carefully.

Step Six: Set It With Powder

The trick to maintaining a perfect pout all night long is to set it with translucent face powder. Just place a tissue over your lips (trust us), then dust the powder over the tissue with a fluffy powder brush and voila!

Step Seven: Be Prepared for Touch-Ups

Even the most smudge-proof lipstick can fade over time — especially if you’re eating or drinking. Keep your lipstick AND liner in your purse so that you can make periodic touch-ups if necessary.

A Final Word

With these tips you’re well on your way to the perfect red lip, although we’d suggest trying out your technique a few times before a big event to make sure you like the way your lipstick holds over time. That said, a smudgy red lip is the quintessential French girl look. Pair that with a smoky eye and you have a sexy, casual evening look!

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