How to Make a Room Look and Feel Effortlessly Chic

How to Make a Room Look and Feel Effortlessly Chic

11.01.2021Author: The Suite Staff

The term “effortlessly chic” is a mystery to most of us, especially when it comes to interior design. Even if you’re up on all of the latest trends, it’s easy to feel like you, or your home, just don’t have that certain je ne sais quoi. We’re here to tell you that it’s not actually that tough to achieve.

The key to effortlessness is when a space feels like everything was placed purposefully by someone who knows what they’re doing — and has all of the time in the world to do it. Luckily, by following these basic guidelines, you can make your home look like it was curated by a proper interior designer.

Use Color Sparingly

When choosing the furniture and wall colors, try natural or muted colors like graphite, olive, cream, or beige. Muted colors won’t distract or make the room feel closed-in, while providing a canvas for other, bolder pieces to stand out. Natural colors also help create a sense of calm in any space. If you do choose to use a bolder color, make sure it’s consistent in elements throughout the room, like simple red throw pillows and light fixtures.

Less Is More

The most essential part of making a room feel put-together is practicing restraint. Try filling the room with one or two large, bold pieces of furniture and then using smaller elements like subtle side tables and mirrors as supporting characters with minimal decorations. Steer clear of clutter, stacks of books, and anything that could be considered “filler.” Instead, keep those items in an armoire or a space where they can be concealed.

Use Art as a Focal Point

Simple doesn’t mean your room has to be boring, or completely devoid of interesting visual elements. It does, however, mean that you should be purposeful with your art. A single statement piece of art on the largest wall of your space can serve as a focal point in your room, giving the room some personality without being overwhelming.

Play With Contrasting Textures

While color should be used sparingly and with restraint, one area where you can play around is with fabrics and unconventional materials. Contrasting textures like steel and leather or marble and faux fur create a surprisingly delicate tension between visual elements and create depth in the room.

Lighting Is Key

Proper lighting is vital to cultivating a chic space. Lamps are the key to achieving the perfect level of light at nighttime, and instantly add a luxurious feel to any space. For the daytime, aim to let in as much natural lighting as possible, so seek out sheer curtains and other elements that will allow for the room to be well-lit without overhead lighting.

These five design strategies are a perfect starting point to creating an effortlessly chic space. They’re simple and straightforward, making them easy for anyone to apply! 

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