The Interior Design Trends to Look Out for This Season

The Interior Design Trends to Look Out for This Season

09.23.2021Author: The Suite Staff

The last decade in interior design has been all about minimalism, clean lines, and a LOT of monochrome, but the pandemic changed that. After spending months on months locked inside, everyone decided to give their interior spaces a makeover — and a big one. This year, we’re seeing bold, brash color, funky patterns, and maximalism. Read on to hear more about the biggest interior design trends of 2021:


Image Credit: House of Hackney

Painted accent walls have been around for years because of how easy they are to execute, but after more than a year of impulse-painting, we’re seeing a shift toward less permanent styles like press-on wallpaper. From funky patterns to simple and elegant designs, wallpaper has the potential to transform a white wall into a tropical oasis or a globally-inspired escape. We’d recommend starting off with a single accent wall, but don’t be afraid to deck out all four walls either!

Bold Monochrome

Image Credit: Cobalt and Gold

If patterns aren’t your style, bold monochrome is a slightly less in-your-face style that still packs a punch. The main focus here is to paint the walls in a more muted shade, allowing the furniture and statement art pieces to carry the bold color.


Image Credit: A Street Prints

A nod to simple, traditional countryside style, cottagecore is the polar opposite of the midcentury modern design that’s championed the interior design space recently. Rustic furniture, vintage prints, and homemade pieces take the place of clean lines and geometric prints, reflecting the overwhelming need for comfort and sanctuary over the last year. For a more modern twist, meld soft prints and gilded statement pieces that give the space a more luxe feel while staying true to the cozy, cottage style.

Maximalist Decor

Image Credit: Tropico Photo

Maximalism is the trend of the moment right now. In place of all-white interiors and minimalism, homeowners are shifting toward loud styles — making statements with bold art and furniture, luxe fabrics, and color saturation. Drawing inspiration from ornate English interiors and cabinets of curiosities, the new maximalism incorporates personal accents and modern elements.

Urban Jungle

Image Credit: Roohome

Born out of a need to bring nature inside while working from home, the urban jungle trend is here to stay. From a few hanging houseplants to a full-on indoor garden oasis, bringing greenery into your space is a relatively simple way to transform a space without making any major furniture investments.

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