Transform Your Living Space With These Light Fixtures

Transform Your Living Space With These Light Fixtures

10.09.2021Author: The Suite Staff

Beautiful furniture and a strategic layout are important elements of interior design, but when it comes to setting the actual mood of a space, lighting is key. From modern floor lamps to over-the-top chandeliers, there are endless options that can make a massive impact on the feel of the room, even when they’re off. Whether you’re looking for style, function, or just good lighting — these light fixtures will transform the mood of your living space.

Statement Lamps

Image Credit: Brightech

Statement lamps don’t have to be bright and bold in order to be noticeable. In a more modern, minimalist home, a floor lamp with a sculptural metal base or a side-table lamp made of blown glass can subtly complement the other furniture in the room while still making a statement. For a pop of color, choose a bright lampshade that accentuates the rest of the room. Or you can even go for a patterned shade for a more out-there style.

Tiered Pendants

Image Credit: CB2

With their dynamic shape, tiered pendants are sophisticated enough for a dining room or office but also fun enough to make the perfect fit in an entryway or kitchen. They’re a great way to bring texture and depth into your living space. You can go high-end with polished metal finishes paired with glass orbs, or you can go a little more fun with irregular, abstract pendants that catch your eye the moment you walk in the room.


Image Credit: IKEA

On one hand, spotlights are a more traditional light fixture. With their sleek appearance and simple design, they’re perfect for adding illumination to focal points of your home without being distracting. On the other hand, you can go completely untraditional with them in any space that needs an unexpected burst of fun color by using bluetooth-enabled color-changing LED bulbs that can set the mood of a room at the switch of a button.

Modern Chandeliers

Image Credit: Wayfair

Chandeliers are perfect for spaces that need a little glamour, but aren’t quite ready to go full-blown over the top. They have an ornate touch without feeling too imposing or overwhelming and they’re great in formal living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more. From traditional styles in striking colors to modern silhouettes, chandeliers have been brought into the 21st century.

Recessed Ceiling Lights

Image Credit: Lightology

For a modern and sleek look, recessed lighting is the way to go. This “invisible” look is perfect for any room that doesn’t have much floor space, giving the room a well-lit halo effect that can elevate the other furniture in the room without making it feel cluttered or busy.

Sculptural Sconces

Image Credit: 1st Dibs

Perfect for a minimalist living space, sconces are a great way to add drama and personality to a room without taking up valuable floor or ceiling space. These fixtures come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures that can complement any room or style of décor — they can even double as artwork!

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to change up the mood in your home. The right lighting can make a space feel cozy, romantic or even create an ambiance that’s conducive for productivity. With so many different light fixtures available on the market, it’s not difficult to find one that will suit your needs and style. Why not shake up your interior design with some new light fixtures?

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