How to Build an Outfit Around Accessories

How to Build an Outfit Around Accessories

09.30.2022Author: The Suite Staff

When it feels like you have absolutely nothing to wear, the secret to livening up an outfit is to start with the accessories. You can instantly elevate any look with a colorful, patterned scarf, a statement necklace, or a bold pair of shoes — and sometimes the key to finding new ways to style the basics you already own is to start out with the accessories, then build around them. Here are our top tips for building an outfit around an accessory. 


There is so much freedom when it comes to jewelry — whether you’re layering on the minimalist gold chains, stacking on the chunky rings, or rocking a statement vintage bangle, your jewelry can dress an outfit up or down instantly. It’s important to choose clothes that accentuate the jewelry, like a lower neckline that shows off a longer necklace, but don’t be afraid to pair pieces that might seem like they don’t go together. A colorful necklace can be paired with a simple look, like a white tee, jeans, and sneakers, for a fun, carefree style — while more elegant gold jewelry paired with the same clothes can be a perfect easy date night look.


A diverse purse collection is one of the easiest ways to tie an outfit together for a composed, effortless look. A bright green handbag begs to be paired with a minimalist look and subtle green accessories, while a nude bag offers more freedom for color experimentation and bold patterns. 


You could wear the exact same outfit for a week, making no changes except for the footwear, and you’d be able to pull off a wide variety of different looks. A simple sundress can go from edgy parisian chic to a lazy farmer’s market morning with a quick swap from combat boots to Birkenstocks. A good rule of thumb to achieve an effortless look is to pair simple elements with dressier elements, like jeans and a simple shirt with high heels, or a silky dress with casual sneakers.

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