We’re Over Athleisure. It’s All About Power Dressing in 2021

We’re Over Athleisure. It’s All About Power Dressing in 2021

07.28.2021Author: The Suite Staff

We spent 2020 blundering through Zoom meetings, rocking the waist-up business look for important calls before switching back into our trusty joggers and hoodies. Working from home all the time meant that we didn’t need to shower or look remotely put together, which was fun for a while. But…now that summer is in full swing and offices are opening back up, we’re ditching our sweatsuits for power suits. 

Our idea of “dressing up” has shifted a lot over the last year. We’re excited to show off and feel powerful or sexy, but at the same time, the idea of wearing restrictive, uncomfortable clothes sounds terrifying. 

Enter: the power suit. 

The power suit carries so much weight because it’s indicative of something so much more than simple workwear. It embraces the idea of starting fresh and being unabashedly confident, whether in the workplace, in relationships, or in life.

After a year of homogenous groutfits and matching cotton tracksuits, we’re excited to go bold and wear expressive clothing that allows us to take up the space we deserve — with nontraditional looks that break all of the rules of suiting.

From oversized blazers to tailored pants and everything in between, suiting is the perfect marriage of cool, chic, and comfortable. Plus, nothing says “I’m ready to take on the world” like a matching suit. 

All across (virtual) runways for the Fall 2021 season, designers toyed with more relaxed elements like elastic waistbands, less rigid fabrics, and exaggerated silhouettes and tailoring. In place of neutrals, we’re seeing bold, bright colors, playful patterns, and youthful design elements.

The best part about this style is that the elements of the suit can also be broken down and styled into a more casual look — picture a structured blazer over jeans or tailored pants with a casual tee and white sneakers.

Designers are increasingly tailoring their pieces with more multifunctional details that give customers more freedom to style separate elements with other staple wardrobe pieces. The result is a put-together, polished look that’s comfortable and not overly formal. 

While we truly did love the athleisure phase of 2020, it’s time to say goodbye to sweatsuits and hello to power suits this year.

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