The Definitive Guide to Cute Summer Sandals

The Definitive Guide to Cute Summer Sandals

07.19.2021Author: The Suite Staff

Sneaker shopping, for the most part, is quite easy. Sneakers are built for utility, durability, and comfort, so the only major factor that makes shopping for them tough is style. Sandal shopping, on the other hand, requires much more research because there are so many more variables to consider. 

For example: can I walk for six hours in these shoes without getting blisters? Do I spring for strappy or simple? Are these sandals designed to last, or will they fall apart in a few wears? And most importantly, am I the kind of person who can rock a Birkenstock? 

Our team scoured the internet to find the best open-toed options out there, from comfortable to chic and everything in between.


Simultaneously easy to slip on, lightweight, and cute, the espadrille can elevate any outfit. This woven style will be your go-to shoes for kicking around at the farmer’s market, the park, or even a summer wedding. Here are our top picks:


Strappy sandals walk the fine line between chic and footwear disaster. While the addition of multiple straps adds security and elegance, the wrong pair of sandals can have you constantly re-adjusting. These two styles will stay comfortable and secure all day long:


Whether you’re running errands all day or just prefer to be as comfortable as possible, these shoes are guaranteed to keep up with your active lifestyle without looking like you’re going on a hike:


The ultimate slip-on sandal, the clean lines of these simple styles means that they’ll match every outfit. These are the perfect day-to-night shoe that can be dressed up or down:

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